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WienZWA (the future will be automated) is setting up a comprehensive, open, European test laboratory for automated driving in Vienna and surrounding areas

"WienZWA – the future will be automated" was selected by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) to set up a comprehensive, open, European test laboratory for automated driving in Vienna and surrounding areas. The motto: "Safety for all people in traffic". The aim of WienZWA is to rapidly learn how to dynamically adjust to the interactions between pedestrians, cyclists and (semi-) autonomous vehicles. This means that the integration and anticipation of behaviour in real traffic (pedestrians, cyclists, city/country, motorway/urban traffic, public transport (ÖPNV), mixed traffic, interaction of all people in traffic) is new every day. Every day we learn new things – and every day we get better at it.

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About us

The consortium consisting of Andata, HiTec, Smart Safety Solutions - Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit (Road Safety Board) and Swarco Futurit combines the strengths of the most experienced Austrian partners in the intersection of new traffic sensors, vehicle sensors, open innovation test environments, road safety, smart mobility, smart safety solutions, traffic light control of the future and infrastructure information in vehicle / traffic.

USP - Unique Selling Point

New type of test environment for the automated mobility of the future

The test scenarios for the future test route Vienna Airport to the Vienna exhibition grounds go far beyond existing test environments for autonomous driving – even though it is based on a section with the best developed infrastructure in the world (ASFINAG in Testfeld Telematik, ECo-AT, C-Roads). The involvement of traffic density-dependent ad-hoc platooning, fully electric CO2-neutral vehicles and the new option of prioritising pedestrians and cyclists at crossings with traffic lights, represents a true benefit for car manufacturers, research teams and start-ups with innovative prototypes.

Our USP is the focus on the following issues:

Integrating overall behaviour (pedestrians, cyclists)

Humans and machines acting together in the traffic system

Full integration of the strategic levels (e.g. BMVIT, EU)

Open test laboratory

Transition of city/country – motorway/city

Last mile to public local transport


Integrated systems approach

Quick learning

Safety for all people in traffic

Interacting with people in traffic